Blood Sisters

Eleanor Ellison has a cross to bear. Being married to a man with combat fatigue and mothering her austistic son are daily struggles.  Luckily, living at Holgate Farms with its overgrown laurel has kept her life quiet and confidential.  The two-bedroom bungalows are a safe-haven for veterans returning from war and have been a sanctuary for Eleanor

But when the Sullivans move in, everything changes.
Backyard neighbor Patsy Sullivan is just the confidante and support Eleanor has always needed.  Though separated by a tall hedge, age and race, Eleanor and Pasty forge a strong bond of friendship and trust when they learn that their lives are more similar than different.  Cutting back the hedges and letting each other in ignites a project that clears a path of hope and devotion between the two women.  Together, they learn to deal with the unlucky hand they’ve been dealt.  But when tragedy strikes this newfound friendship, will they find solace knowing they’re sisters bound by blood?