The Eleventh Year

Two best friends.
An artist and a writer.
One rich. One poor.
A lifetime of deception and betrayal. 

Upon graduating from Vassar, socialite Lesley Aymes Richardson and brilliant Jamie Lynne Stewart set out to achieve their dreams and begin their lives in hedonistic post World War I Paris in pursuit of art and pleasure.  Both women have incurable urges to live and love, whatever the cost.  But after a series of poor decisions and broken hearts, they discover a life far from the perfection they originally envisioned.

Although Lesley finds a life of considerable renown, she harbors secrets that she keeps buried to maintain a certain level of decorum and respect. When a mysterious Russian princess threatens to expose a secret from her past, together she and Jamie must confront the truth, despite the consequences that may be unleashed. On the eve of her eleventh year of marriage, Lesley is forced to look back, to make a decision that will alter all of their lives forever.